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Beth Langer, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

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My Approach to Therapy

Being an SLP and the parent of children in speech services has made me a better clinician.

The About page on this site summarizes my work in the field over the last 25 years. Beyond that, I have gained valuable inside information from being a parent of two children with apraxia of speech. Experiencing what it’s like for a parent, child, and family to deal with these issues has made me a better clinician. I have a better sense of how to be clear, sensitive, and complete in conveying evaluation results and I have learned more effective and child-friendly ways to conduct therapy and set up home practice.

Given the importance of consistency and frequency of therapy, I work with families to create a family-friendly therapy plan.

To make change happen as quickly as possible, I work with families to select from a variety of options to increase the effectiveness of therapy. These include: in-person sessions, teletherapy, structured home practice, and email/phone check-ins. This multifaceted programming also offers fallback options when illness or other issues interfere with scheduled therapy.

I believe strongly in making therapy fun, functional, and individualized.

On the About page of this site, in “My Story,” you see why I am passionate about making therapy fun, relevant to each child’s life, and individualized to each child’s personality, skills, and interests. I use what I have learned from my academic, clinical, and parenting experience to create a therapy plan that works best for each child – and then change it as needed to make sure our work continues to be fun, functional, and effective.

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I integrate movement and literacy work into therapy as appropriate.

Some who have trouble with speech and language early in life also have difficulties with reading and writing skills later. For this reason, I integrate pre-literacy and literacy work into my sessions if initial testing suggests that would be beneficial. Movement can also be worked into sessions as needed – some children do their best work while moving, and many children with motor speech issues also have other motor skill delays. Given this, where possible, I integrate movement as well.

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